Friday, May 6, 2011

♥ she nailed it.

did anyone catch the latest lady gaga video premiere for judas last night?
(and if so- could anyone explain it to me?)

the only thing i understood is that ms. gaga is out of her mind-amazing
and she can honestly do no wrong, no matter what she's doing,
which designer she's wearing or what egg she is crawling out of.

although i would not dare to wear any of the crazy get ups that lady gaga
wears in her videos, one embellishment that caught my eye were her
japanese 3d nails- which is an exciting nail trend that i have yet
to try myself.

utilizing pieces of lace, sparkly gems, mini flowers, bows, and decals,
japanese 3d nails are eye-catching and outrageous,
and a true work of art. (they're also a little scary looking!)

would you ever try it?

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. These are amazing!!!!!


  2. There's a new video? I haven't even heard the song yet. I hope I'll be seeing nails like this on you soon! So fun. Is any place in Boston doing them?


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