Wednesday, May 11, 2011

♥ all your future lies beneath your hat.

to be honest, i could care less about ever watching the kentucky derby-
but i do support any occasion that encourages women to break out of their
typical dressing habits, throw caution (and their hairstyle) to the wind,
and cap it all off with an obnoxious hat. the bigger the better.

above are some of my favorite couture creations by
california hat designer, arturo rios.

i think i need one of each.
and a party in which to wear them.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This is gorgeous art. I seriously don't think I could pull off one of these but I agree-like the idea about breaking out of our typical dressing habits.

  2. I love hats and have 2 upcoming events that will require me to wear them. Can't wait! I have one fab fastener and am on the hunt for another hat or headpiece.


  3. I think we need many more reasons to wear hats! Though the Derby is a fun excuse for not only hates but bourbon based cocktails as well. Win win in my book.

  4. ha! these are awesome! like you, i love how obnoxious they are :P

  5. and the party in which to wear them! that's for sho! i love these hats!!!

  6. I definitely think we need more reasons to wear glamorous hats like these -- maybe just because? Would one be too much for grocery shopping?

  7. The hats are absolutely stunning!!


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