Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ new york, i love you.

it seems like friends of mine are always moving in and out of new york,
and for some reason i am never one of them! luckily for me, the big apple is
but a hop, skip and jump away from boston, and i always have a place to stay.

but if i didn't have such easy accomodations, i have to say one of the first places
i would dream of spending the night is at soho's crosby street hotel.

as a part of firmdale hotels, a chain of british boutique hotels privately
owned by husband and wife team kit and tim kemp, crosby street hotel is the
first american addition, built on top of what was once a parking garage!

with each space more unique than the last, i can hardly believe
that kit does all of the interior design work herself!

prepare to feast your eyes.
ps. if the pictures of this 11 floor, 86 room masterpiece did not floor you,
please watch this video: the reconstruction of my views by director
jean roman seyfried. filmed over the building's two and a half year construction
period using time lapse photography, it will absolutely blow. your. mind.

pps. you may also take note that this hotel is also one of the most environmentally
responsible hotels in the US, and one of the first hotels in NY to
meet leeds certification standards! green and glam!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Wow...I would love to live here!!!! Beautiful hotel!!!

  2. I love the Firmdale group but more importantly the Kemps who designed all the hotels, they rock! I used to live opposite the Knightsbridge Hotel, it was so funny peeking into the hotel!!! There was a score of us Peeping Tom's, Naughty!

    The Crosby is way cool though.

  3. great collection of interiors! i love all those pretty headboards above the beds...they add a touch of style to the room!

  4. that looks like a great place to stay!!

  5. Love it! The rooms are so stylish!

  6. I know what you mean about all these Bostonians defecting to NY. WTF man?! I feel like I'm there so much lately visiting friends and going down for cool events etc. My co-workers tease me that I may as well save myself the trouble and just move down there!

    I usually try to do NY on a budget (AKA stay with Ashley for free), but this hotel looks fabulous!!


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