Wednesday, September 8, 2010

♥ j'adore AdR!

i have been drooling over japan vogue editor, anna dello russo's style
for like, ever. she has a killer body and a closet full of the flashiest items
from all of the latest, greatest collections to match.

and as if being every fashion blogarina's style icon weren't enough,
the woman writes her very own over the top, crazy fabulous blog to boot!

among the tinkerbell icons, the sparkling cursor and the pictures
anna also includes her major work, like this absolutely phenomenal shoot
that she styled with victoria's secret model, alessandra ambrosio/
photographed by giampaolo sgura for the october issue of vogue japan.

if "never enough" is anna's answer to this fall's minimalist trend,
then i could not agree more! when it comes to fashion, i have
always believed: MORE is MORE!!

and ps. here are most of the photos from the "my favorite things" feature
from tommy ton's jak and jil blog. (in case you missed it,
or just want to take a gilded trip down memory lane.)

the end.

13 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Anna is way more than amazing!!!!!!
    kiss from Greece!

  2. Ok THAT is such a great post! I love Anna, she's always perfect and stunning!

  3. Anna's for such a daring style! Love her blog as well.
    And the styling she did for Alessandra is superb! Love the mix of prints of vibrant colours.

  4. Oh she is stunning. What a great bod! there is no way I could pull off those outfits. Love the lace.


  5. AdR is amazing! She pulls off those lace dresses like no-one else could! Great post dear xxx

  6. who doesnt love her..shes a freaking legend!!!

    follow if u like what u see?


  7. Gosh, yeah I remember checking these pics out, what a legend eh?


  8. I know we should all be content with what we have, but I would really, really like to live her life!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  9. Loving all these photos and photo shoots!

  10. fabulous photos! the lady in the white dress at the start looks amazing!! wish i had the balls to wear something like this! :) x

  11. you're so right. her style is one to be adored.

    very unique.

    im a new follower. follow back :D

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - shop

  12. i love her style! and she's so skinny!! i'm quite jealous of it


  13. Yes please to those Hermes bangles!


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