Monday, September 13, 2010

♥ happiness is to hold flowers in both hands.

on saturday, nick, my little sister and i went to a small bridal show at
cedar grove gardens, so that i could get an idea of what type of flowers will
be in bloom next year in early september.

i have to be honest, as soon as i stepped through the door, my dominant
personality and loud voice kicked into high gear and i basically talked over my
fiance and my sister the entire time. oops! (good thing they're used to it! :)

what i really want, (and i am not sure this is either super ambitious or
ridiculously naive) is to do my flowers myself because:
A) i think it would be fun and B) i really believe that if i had the proper petals
and tools at hand, i could make it work.

then again, i have also convinced myself that if i buy a calligraphy pen,
i could teach myself calligraphy and write out all of my invitations in a professional way.

if only i lived in NY, i would definitely save my pennies & sign up for a class at
the little flower school in brooklyn. the classes, which range from beginner
to advanced, are run by floral aficionados, sarah ryhanen (of flower &
soap shop, saipua) and nicolette owen (of floral design company,
nicolette camille), and typically focus on one theme over the course
of four hours. according to the article in the ny times magazine,
the girls claim that there is usually some sort of unconscious coordination
that goes on between the student's outfits and their flower arrangement,
which is intriguing in and of itself!

just check out these gorgeous pictures and you will know why i need to get out
my pruning sheers and gardening gloves and get myself to flower school as soon
as possibly possible!!!!!

ps. if not for the thorns and the risk of acquiring some sort of rash, i would
totally make out with these floral arrangements.

16 ♥ love notes.:

  1. God, loved those flowers! Amazing pics! And your new header is unbelievable!!!
    kiss from Greece!

  2. I love all of these flower arrangments, they're gorgeous! I've never had a knack for this, if only..

  3. First - LOVE the typewriter image!

    Second - Good for you doing your own flowers! I'm excited to hear what you choose and how you pull it together. Every week, I pretend I can arrange flowers and purchase a few stems from the local market. They never look quite how I imagine, but they make my apartment bright and cheery for a week! GOOD LUCK!! XX

  4. Wow! Makes me want to learn flower arranging.

  5. ohh those flowers are so pretty! And you should defintetly do the arragements yourself! Me and my friend did a course so we could make them for her wedding it was so much fun! Plus flower shops tend to charge a lot of money!! We learned that what only takes like £10 to make can cost around £100! Which is crazy!

    Ha ha how are the self taught calligraphy classes going?! X

  6. Hi again! ha ha! Just to say I'm follwing you :) I was looking where the follow button was for ages and it was right in front of me oh dear! X

  7. really enjoy your blog... got introduced to it by sara ehrmann. so lovely!


  8. Those arrangements are so stunning. Just stumbled upon your blog but I'm intrigued to hear more about your wedding plans... have you thought about stationary? jazzy ♥

  9. i love flower,,and a bunch of bucket, i'd love to if someone give it to me..


  10. I'm sure you can find some good classes around here. (Though I don't know how you have the time with working, blogging and wedding planning!) But try Cass Florist & Design School in Watertown if you're interested.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  11. tilly, how did the flowers for your friend turn out? maybe i should get my butt to brooklyn asap!

    kai, welcome! love sara! we shared a locker in 6th grade!

    claire, i have not given very much thought yet to stationery but i do know what i like ;)


  12. i love these arrangements! i have always wanted to take a class like this

  13. The flower arrangements are amazing!

    Great blog! I'm now a follower :)

  14. I absolutely adore your flower inspiration!! I've been dying to go to a floral arranging class, too! Keep us posted on what you decide to do! :) And sorry for all the exclamation points - I just love weddings!!! ;)


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