Thursday, September 30, 2010

♥ his understanding astonished her. but did he notice the flowers?

a flower is relatively small. everyone has many associations with a flower–the idea of flowers. you put your hand to touch the flower– lean forward to smell it– maybe touch it with your lips almost without thinking–or give it to someone to please them. still–in a way– nobody sees a flower– really– it is so small–we haven't the time– and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time. if i could paint the flower exactly as i see it no one would see what i see because i would paint it small like the flower is small.

so i said to myself –" i'll paint what i see–what the flower is to me but i''ll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it–i will make even busy new yorkers take time to see what i see of flowers."
georgia o'keeffe.

(images via georgia o'keefe: a studio book)

georgia o'keeffe's abstract landscapes, rustic animal bones and controversial flowers are nothing short of amazing. nick is trying to convince me to go to new mexico on our honeymoon, and i must admit the promise of seeing the hauntingly gorgeous vistas of o'keeffe's work does help sweeten the pot :)

and while we are on the subject of flowers one cannot help but notice, please allow me to share with you one of my absolute favorite spring 2011 collections: d&g's self proclaimed "garden party." featuring a towering trellis of flowering hydrangeas, roses, ferns and ivy, seed packet invitations and oversized canvas totes complete with gardening gloves and tools, d&g created a truly edenic environment that one cannot help but love. and if not, give it another chance and trust me– this collection will grow on you.

(images via

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  1. am loving this gorgeous themed post :)

  2. Flowers are so very lovely! What great prints :) xo Cat


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