Thursday, February 11, 2016

♥ valentine's day treats.

with valentine's day coming this weekend-
there is a bit of time left to pick up something pretty
for your loved one! here is a roundup of some heart-felt gifts
that i wouldn't mind receiving this love day (hint, hint!!)

these kate spade leather goods are too good! 

kate spade secret admirer heart crossbody
 & applique clutch

these diamond pieces from tiffany's scream, "love!!" so does this ringggg.

paloma picasso love ring and tiffany bow cuff
with names like "bae," "adorbs," "cray-cray,"  "yaasss," "so fetch," and "hangry," 
i need like, every single one of tarte's new tarteist lip paints:

and what could be more festive than these bras from rigby and peller?

aubade and cleo bras from rigby & peller

although, let's be real- the only silky number i would like to be
 wearing on valentine's day is this beautiful eyemask, 
because: #thesnuggleisreal #sleepgoals

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