Monday, February 22, 2016

♥ a new haircut & some tips from my stylist, leonor pilsmaker!

a few weekends ago, i had the joy of sitting down for a long over-due hair cut
with a very talented friend, leo, who is a hair stylist at charles david salon

my appointment was for 9:30 am and when i arrived, the salon and spa was already 
buzzing and bubbling with beauty treatments of all sorts- cuts/colors/massages/wigs- 
you name it! i was immediately brought in for a wash and a warm cup of coffee, 
which, after waking up super-early with a crazy toddler, was just what i needed
 to begin the day. my husband told me to "hurry back," before i left the house,
 but as soon as i got there, i felt i was in no rush to get home, haha.

i perused a few magazines to get some ideas going for what to do next with my hair,
and was surprised to find that i didn't have any picture inspo like i normally do. 

when i finally sat down with leo, i explained to her that i had experimented with the 
medium blunt bob that everyone and their mother had last year and that i was totally over it.
according to this great article that leo actually posted on her facebook, the blunt cut
was all wrong for my round-shaped face and layers were the way to go. 

leo took a look at my hair, the texture of it and the weight, taking into account
the shape of my face, listening to the fact that i have don't have a ton of time
to spend on my hair in the mornings- but that i also am not one to wear a 
pony-tail or throw it in a bun- and she came up with a marvelous cut-
one that was unique- with movement, angles and just the right length.

when she took out her tools, i was delighted to find that she worked with a
razor, one of my favorite to watch a hairdresser work with because of the sheer (!!)
fascination i have with seeing so much hair fall to the floor, while still maintaining a 
workable length. i have heard mixed reviews about cutting hair with a razor-
that it damages the hair and causes it to grow in strangely, but i have always loved it. 

according to leo, it's all about whether the person cutting your hair really knows
how to use the razor well. and i have to agree ;)

i asked leo to share some tips because who doesn't love to learn 
something new about hair care?? here is what she had to say:

* water may contain minerals, chlorine, rust from old pipes, all which may alter your hair color.
to minimize these, you can invest in a shower filter or use product that will protect your hair.

*volumize your ego: most of the volumizing products are heat-activated, so to pump your 
hair up, start with blowdrying your roots first to get the most out of your volumizing hair products.

* protein treatments: help reinforce weak or over-processed hair. most people don't need more 
than once every other month, unless their hair is very weak and brittle. if you overdo it, your
hair will be tough, not smooth.

* if your hair looks dull and lifeless, it is likely due to product build-up or cheap supermarket
products with lots of silicon that binds to the hair strand. try a clarifying shampoo once every
other week. my recommendation is malibu c clarifying shampoo or oribe the cleanse

* a must have product for the spring/summer: humidity blocker from joico and

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Love the haircut, Sami! Also, I invested in a shower filter when I moved because the water here is crap, and it was the best thing I ever did! Highly recommended.

    1. thanks, girl! i never would have considered a new filter- so smart!!



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