Thursday, February 18, 2016

♥ meet LOLA.

in my years as a female human being, i have never looked forward to getting my period,
but when my box of LOLA tampons arrived in the mail a few weeks ago-looking so
pretty and discreet--i secretly couldn't wait to test them out!!

 so what is LOLA all about- you ask? just a new brand of tampons that promises something
most leading companies don't even mention in their advertising-- 100% cotton. 

it sounds so simple- but take a glance at the tampons in your cabinet and you will find that
 most of them are made of chemical-filled fibers like polyester and rayon-- ew!!

until hearing about LOLA,  i probably would have been content to use mainstream
 tampon brands without thinking twice about the detriment to my health that they posed.

 but it is important as female consumers that we be made aware of what 
we are putting in our bodies- and that we have a right to choose
something besides just cheap filler! thank you, LOLA!

i was sent a sample of LOLA, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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