Tuesday, January 26, 2016

♥ that time i went to take outfit pictures and got fancy pictures of my head instead.

my bbf (best blogger friend!) lei ann and i ventured out onto the roof of the bloomingdale's 
parking lot the other day to get some good outfit shots. but when we got up there, 
it was hella windy!! we could barely take off our coats! (see lei ann's shots here!)

when i got home and took a look at the photos, i found the ones of my hair
whipping around were far more interesting than the ones of me cringing in the cold
in my #allblackeverything. do head pictures count as an outfit post?? haaaaa

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You are adorable. Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)

    I'm actually based on the island of Maui, not Oahu. I can't wait to hop on over to check our Bloomingdales though. The store looks amazing. Have you every visted Hawaii?

    xx Love & Aloha,

    1. I've never been to Hawaii!! it's definitely on my list of places to visit :) xoxo

  2. These made me smile! You have a happy head. Love your freckles :) XO

  3. Thanks, girl!!!! They're pretty funny headshots!

  4. Thanks, girl!!!! They're pretty funny headshots!

  5. I love the pictures! Gorgeous smile and that lip colour looks fab on you!


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