Tuesday, January 19, 2016

♥ as you are: a poem by the possessed poet.

But I don’t want to be normal.. even if I can be. Whatever I keep losing by being different is no loss.
Take me as I am or walk out the door. 
Free yourself and others by speaking your heart, but more essentially by “being” your heart.
Whatever you’ll express and be will either draw solid walls or break them.  
We’re not all meant to click together, smell the same odors, feel the rareness of magic. 
Do not fear rejection, fear the mask.
Searching for the cure to your wounded soul? Climax on being who you are.
my friend. elissa, writes gorgeous poetry.
this poem in particular struck a chord because it
is such a celebration of being different,
that i had to share. 

i think this year, i will definitely work harder
to speak my heart, and to be it.

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