Wednesday, January 13, 2016

♥ how to beat the winter blues: accessorize the $%^* out of your outerwear.

the freezing temperatures are finally upon us, and with that comes the utilitarian layers of down
and fur and fleece that keep our bodies warm, the boots that we may not want to wear because 
of how basic they look, but in the light of a cold morning feel like a necessary evil, 

while we may not have a choice over how puffy we look in our puffer coats,
 at the very least- let's try to put on some pink lipstick and a few exciting 
accessories and forget about how everything else looks.

today i am pairing my vintage, fur-collared coat with a few new favorites:

kate spade sunnies (c/o visionworks)
stupid love pink lipstick from melt cosmetics
bird cage-veil beanie from aqua (similar!)

visionworks carries a number of popular brands (like my favorite, kate spade!) and offers a variety of of the moment styles from cat eyes to round frames to oversized square sunnies. 

 If you're looking to step up your winter game, why not put your best face forward??

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. SO fabulous!! The cat frames look so good on you, I can never pull those off. I agree, it's all about the accessories to get you through these friggin freezing cold days. Bright lipstick is a must! I looked like a bum today piling layer after layer but then I put lipstick on and felt like the coolest chick ever. hehe

    Stay warm!


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