Sunday, December 20, 2015

♥ introducing thirdlove + an exclusive discount!!!

it is a universally known fact that most women wear the wrong bra size!!

according to the huffington post- (who did the research last year!) 
of 10,000 women surveyed, 64% were found to be wearing the wrong size
and shockingly, of that percentage, a whopping 29% were fully aware 
that they were making the mistake!!

as a female human who has had breasts most of her life and
has watched them grow, expand and contract with the birth and
subsequent feeding of a child, i can tell you that there is nothing more
uncomfortable than an ill-fitting bra. it can make the skin crawl,
and can throw off the whole day's equilibrium.

...which is why i am loving the philosophy behind  thirdlove,
 a new and innovative lingerie company which offers virtual iphone fittings
to help you find the best bra. 

according to the makers at thirdlove:
"the best bra is one that you don't have to think about" 
and i could not agree more!!

offering up to 30 sizes, which run A-F (and triple D!) as well as half-sizes,
(oh you're bigger than a B but smaller than a C? there's a bra for that!)

the bras are designed using real women's measurements and along with their
thirdlove bra sizing app, they offer100% fit guarantee- which includes
free exchanges and returns!

here are a few of my favorites:

the 24/7 classic t shirt bra looks like you could live in it!!

the plunge perfect bra is definitely the perfect answer to all those wrap dresses that i own..

and how about the 24/7 strap happy bra??
 it sounds too good to be true... but it is!

and finally a full coverage lace bra for ladies like me with a little more on their rack..

third love is offering last minute holiday discount codes for my blog readers!!!

* $15 off orders over $100 with TL15100SHIP
* $30 off orders over $150 with TL30150SHIP
*$60 off orders over $250 with TL60250SHIP

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**every coupon includes upgraded shipping that guarantees delivery in time for
christmas eve if orders are placed before 12 pm PST on 
december 21st!**

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I like the 24/7 strap happy one, so cute and stylish with an open back shirt

  2. I like the 24/7 strap happy one, so cute and stylish with an open back shirt

  3. I am totally intrigued by this! Going to download the app.

    1. check it out girl- i would love to read a real review!! xoxox sami

  4. Great collection, I definitely want to try those brahs they look so comfy. Thanks for sharing,

    Camy xx


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