Friday, December 11, 2015

♥ pucker up!

the other night, henry fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep (!!) for most of the evening.
it was like the old (pre-henry) days when i could troll around on the internets for an
unfettered period of time, pick out my outfit for the next day without my little
monkey tearing through all of my necklaces, and i even had a chance to try out
a new product for review!

the product that i spent my free time testing is one of the best lip enhancers out there-
candylipz is a lip-plumping device created to naturally enhance the size your lips-
without surgery! using an ancient chinese cupping-method plus advanced 
candylipz technology, this handy lip plumper suctions to your lips and
shapes/contours and enhances them in minutes, naturally!

**i don't really have an issue with the size of my lips, but i was interested in
giving this product a try and was sent a sample for review. **

after reading and watching countless video reviews on youtube, i was nervous to give candylipz 
a test drive. there is a lot of talk about the hickies that occur around lip area due to the suction
at first, but after reading the extensive f.a.q, i decided to bite the bullet and give it 
a whirl.

 i received the licorice style lip plumper because my lips are already pretty full- 
(i hear that the apple shape is for smaller/thinner lips) 
and i received the single lobe tester. 

i thought that the lip enhancer would work by sucking the air out of it, 
the way you may have done as a kid when you pull a cup to your mouth and hold it there
with no hands (ha!), but it actually works by squeezing the air out of it and letting it
suction right onto your lips!

the suction feels very strange and tingley, but i quickly got used to the discomfort
and kept it on for nearly two minutes. if you are a big drooler- keeping it on for a while
could be an issue! 

i don't believe that it added much to my already-full lips, but i did like how candylipz
accentuated the points of my cupid's bow. 

it wasn't until the next day that i noticed the bruising...

ha!!! of course i got a hickey just in time to see all my favorite blog friends
for the first time in 20 months!! here i am with kristen & kara at the tiffany's holiday event.

as the f.a.q. states, there is typically a few days of bruising when one first tries
candylipz lip enhancer, but after allowing the skin to recuperate for up to a week,
there is less and less irritation with each time it is used and it can be used 
multiple times a day! the effects last for a couple of hours or
in some cases, a whole day :)

are you interested in a fuller, poutier lip?
look no further than candylipz!

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