Tuesday, December 15, 2015

♥ kitties are a girl's best friend.

i celebrated my 32nd birthday (!!) this past weekend, and aside from 
my fabulous new camera lens, one of my other favorite gifts
is this gigantic gold cat necklace from etsy shop, i like cats
it is the spitting image of my chunky little kitty, talula!

now i am obsessed with everything else in the shop, which is why i must 
present you with some purrrrfect present ideas for the kitty lover in your life:

this pinnnnnnn is everything.

i loveeee this white cat print. and this grey one too :)

this notebook completes me.

these black cat prints would be a beautiful addition to my a gallery wall! (hint, hint! ;)

and this t-shirt had me at meow!

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