Wednesday, June 10, 2015

♥ women in film.

i recently watched in the mirror of maya deren (2002), a documentary about an 
avante-garde female film-maker who was way ahead of her times.

with her black and white, artistically jarring films that she wrote, produced, starred in
and edited herself this modern woman of the forties explored her unique interests in dance choreography, psychology, Haitian voodoo and martial arts (to name a few!)

"i am not greedy. i do not seek to possess the major portion of your days.
i am content, if on those rare occasions whose truth can be stated only by poetry,
you will, perhaps, recall an image, even only the aura of my films."

along with her singular perspective,  it was said that maya deren's sense of style was 
also before her time. rather than dressing in the very prim and proportional style of the
forties and fifties, she dressed in a very loose, flowing, european way that included
 off the shoulder tops, dirndl-style skirts and loose curly hair that would have suited
a sixties flower child! LOVE!

isn't she the coolest??

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