Monday, June 8, 2015

♥ it's about time.

for mother's day, i could have asked nick for something extravagant,
but instead i opted for an inexpensive, functional *and* fashionable gift-
a retro gold casio watch for under $30. 

although a little smaller than i would have hoped for, this slim digital watch is a timeless (!) 
beauty and it looks great with a stack of thin gold bangles that don't overpower it.

since i  feel like i never learned how to properly tell time, (don't judge!) this timepiece has
been a welcome addition to my arm party (are we still throwing arm parties these days 
or have the trends changed? i can't keep track anymore!) and i definitely want to invest
in a larger version as soon as possible!
 my bigger jewelry demands it!

what are your thoughts on this old-school watch look?
my sisters say it reminds them of one my dad used to wear- but i love it!

here are a few inspirational photos from pinterest to prove my point:

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