Thursday, June 4, 2015

♥ first "impressions" with smile brilliant!

i have been thinking alot about getting older lately and how everything- from
 the silvery strands mixed within my brown head of hair to the slight crinkle 
lines i get when i squint my eyes while laughing with henry,
  even the yellowing of my teeth from my coffee dependence-
betray my age. (31!)

i have tried whitening strips and rinses in the past and recently tried this whitening booster,
but i have been noticing lately that nothing really brings out the once pearly-whiteness
 of my pearly whites. as fate would have it, just as i was contemplating the next
step in my dental destiny, i received an offer from the team at smile brilliant
to review their custom teeth-whitening trays right here on my blog!

so here is the scoop:
smile brilliant is a national dental lab designed to bypass the high cost of
teeth whitening at the dentist office (which can cost upwards of $500!) by allowing 
customers to make dental impressions from the comfort of their own
home, mail them back in pre-paid envelopes and receive custom-
fitted, high-quality trays within days. these trays come in 
their own carrying case and can be used and re-used
at your own convenience for a smile that is a
whole lot brighter and a wallet that is a
whole lot happier :)

watch this 2 minute video for more info!

the tray creating kit comes with everything you need to make a perfect dental impression, 
without ever having to sit in an uncomfortable dentist's chair! 

what you will need:
the complete kit
clean hands 
a bowl of cold water
a stopwatch

a patient husband to help take awkward photos of you and try not to laugh

1) brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.

2) mix base paste (blue) with catalyst paste (white) for about one minute 
until they are fully blended.

3) push putty into dental trays and spread evenly within 30 seconds!
make only one tray (upper/lower) at a time.

4) place tray in your mouth and set teeth evenly into paste.
hold like this for two minutes and try not to drool everywhere.

5) make sure impressions came out cleanly-
(my first attempt had a slight crack in the front!)
thankfully, smile brilliant provides you with extra
in case you make a mistake :)

6) mail upper and lower impressions with return card &
await your custom trays! :D

  check out smile brilliant's review & testimonials!

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  1. Interesting concept...looking forward to seeing the before and after photos!


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