Tuesday, April 29, 2014

♥ #whatispretty?

after the release of her latest video for pretty hurts,
beyonce followed up with her own social media movement-
asking people everywhere to share #whatispretty 
on instagram and twitter.

while i do love the message that is made in the video,
and the much-needed dialogue that has begun regarding the
unnecessary pressure women feel to always be beautiful,
and the lengths they will go to achieve that perfection
that, when you look in magazines, seems so
attainable, if you buy certain products,
or find a new way to starve yourself,
i feel there is a responsibility that beyonce,
as one of the most influential people of our time,
owes to the public, and maybe would buy
into the whole #whatispretty thing alot
more if there were actually a moment
in the video where she wasn't so
 damn PRETTY.

instead of cursing the darkness,
i'd like to see someone light a candle
for where we, as a culture, need to go.

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