Wednesday, April 23, 2014

♥ fun without sun.

never one for hosiery, i went bare-legged all winter-
garnering many of those typical "aren't you cold?" comments
but also some not-so-welcome comments about the state of
my pale, beat-up legs.

 i don't know if it was this particularly cold winter season,
my tendency to walk into things and fall down alot, or
 perhaps pregnancy messing with skin pigmentation-
but i must say, my legs are looking rough.

which is why when i was asked to review a few
sunless tanning products from irish skin-wear brand,
  karora, i jumped at the chance!

i was sent the express bronzing mousse, which promises an easy,
 sun-kissed look in only an hour! you can leave it on for up to three hours
 if you have the time and want a deeper tan. i was provided with an applicator mitt,
which made lathering on a dream, and compared with the tanning lotions i have
tried in the past, the bronzing mousse goes on thicker and more evenly
without leaving the crevices between your fingers and toes
looking like you're auditioning to be an oompa loompa.

...and did i mention how good it smells?
it's like i visited a tropical paradise for a few short hours-
the mousse blends into the skin well and washes off easily.

and here are my legs after a much needed color boost:

thank the sunless gods!

ps. find karora products now at ulta!
pps. here are some videos on how to apply the products.

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