Monday, April 14, 2014

♥ brighter than sunshine.

with warmer temperatures finally setting in, i am thrilled at the prospect of
trading in my shaggy winter jacket for a light-weight trench coat, kicking
  my fuggs to the curb once and for all, and breaking out my ever-
expanding yet rarely-worn assemblage of sunnies.

my latest addition are these oversized beauties from warby parker's
new spectrum sun collection. the tortoise shell color guarantees
that i can pair them with nearly anything in my wardrobe-
even (if this unpredictable weather calls for it-)
a winter jacket.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Those are SO perfect for you! Can you believe it's going to be in the 70s today?! Spring is HERE!

  2. so excited for the nice weather, girl :) i hope it lasts!!!


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