Tuesday, October 29, 2013

♥ she's a real head case.

for those of you who may have missed yesterday's google doodle, 
dedicated to the hollywood's illustrious edith head, here you are.

though i am a big fan of old movies and write quite a bit about the fashion
 inspiration i draw from the actresses in these films, i must admit that 
i know very little about edith head, and probably fail to give her 
due credit whenever i write one of my posts.

because, if you didn't know, edith head dressed the likes of
barbara stanwyck in double indemnity, kim novak in vertigo,
grace kelly in to catch a thief, and audrey hepburn in roman holiday.
...just to name a few :) here is a video of ms. head talking about how
she transforms lead actresses into characters through costume:

and here are a few tidbits:

she was nominated for 35 academy awards and won 8.
the most oscars of any women, today!

she is the only costume designer with a star on the hollywood walk of fame.

she referred to her job as a "cross between camouflage and reconstruction."

although she divorced charles head early in her life, the name remained
with her throughout her career.

when she was hired as the costume sketch artist for paramount pictures,
she admittedly used another student's sketches, claiming them as her own.

she would have turned 116 years old, yesterday :)

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  1. I was so happy when I saw the Google doodle yesterday! I actually read a book about her last winter but I had no idea she has the most oscars of any woman! Thats so cool!



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