Friday, October 18, 2013

♥ i got that hippie, hippie chic.

last night, i met up with a group of beloved blog friends that
i haven't seen in ages, and we spent much of our evening in this
fantastic space. the hippie chic exhibit at the boston mfa is
a colorful, three-dimensional, seventies extravaganza
that is not to be missed. (it's running until november 11th!)

broken up into different types of hippie-- for example,
the retro hippie, the ethnic hippie, the craft hippie, 
i was blown away by how many different
versions there were of what i have thought 
to be just one category: 

i was so wrong. and so happy to be wrong!
just look at those dresses. and the hair styles! OMG!

 according to my friend, "these are the kind of clothes you hope to find
at a vintage store- but never do. and if you do- they're way too expensive."

they brought back 1940's style in the 1970's. did you know that?
it boggles the mind.

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