Thursday, October 3, 2013

♥ now hear this.

just thought i would share with you one of my hubby's new favorite songs,
which i happen to love as well! ( no idea what the song or video is about,
but that is neither here nor there :)

chvrches lead singer, lauren mayberry, recently published an article in the guardian
responding to the  sexist remarks left on the band's facebook page.

"women are spoken to like this every day, and not just those deemed to be in the public eye. the depressing reality is that campaigns like the everyday sexism project would not need to exist were casual sexism not so startlingly commonplace. i should note here that I have never said that men – in the public eye or otherwise – do not receive such comments. i can, however, only speak of what i know, which is that the number of offensive messages directed towards me, "the girl singer," compared to my bandmates is undeniably higher. i should also clarify that this has nothing to do with hating men, as some have suggested. i identify as a feminist but subscribe to the pretty basic definition of a feminist as "someone who seeks equality between the sexes". i am now, and have always been, in bands with smart, supportive guys, and have many amazing men in my life as family and friends. 
for that I am incredibly grateful."

love her already! 

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