Wednesday, April 3, 2013

♥ flower power.

my birthday is a long way off from now, but if it were closer,
i wouldn't mind receiving something special in the mail from
UK-based pom pom factory.

owner karen hsu's pom pom factory offers gorgeous blooms constructed entirely out of
 100 % biodegradable & recycled tissue and can be mailed flat with instructions,
 or personally installed for a visually impact-ful presentation.

think weddings. think shop windows.
 or maybe even a corner of your tiny apartment?

i think the blossom box set would be such a fun gift to give/receive,
but i am also partial to pretty floral headpieces as well.

one of those bad boys could erase all memory of the long winter we've had!
ah, the power of a paper flower.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL. Would love to brighten up my apartment with a string of these colorful beauties!

  2. I agree! A colorful box of Pom poms would be a fun gift to receive.

  3. Those are so gorgeous! I bet I could make them, but how fun would it be to open a box full of giant pom poms!

  4. Oh, what an adorable shop! I love a pom pom and I, too, would be very happy to get a box of those!


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