Tuesday, April 23, 2013

♥ feel the hush.

when i think of the hush puppies brand, my mind immediately conjures 
up an image of a very comfortable looking brown loafer-  but much to my surprise 
& delight, they also have a number of fashionable & functional pieces on offer.

& these gold flats, which they sent me to review :)

at my old job, i could get away with commuting in flats, and switching
into sky-high heels that i could prance around on carpeted floors,
on the rare occasion when i had to get up from my desk- but my
new job at forever 21 requires to be on my feet all. day. long.

while i do love the job, my feet have suffered for it. and for this reason, 
i am constantly on the hunt for a pair of ballet flats that are as cute as 
they are comfortable. and that magically match with every dress
i pair them with. not too much to ask for, right??

(cue angels singing.)
i think i have found my sole mates. 
thank you, hush puppies.

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