Thursday, December 20, 2012

♥ let's dish.

as i came down the stairs of anthropologie this evening, i let out an audible gasp of
 delight as i gazed upon this cozy bedroom display. my favorite part is the wall of dishes,
 (which was probably painstakingly assembled by some underpaid visual interns, but i digress..)

hopefully some day in the not too distant future, i will have more wall space to work
with, walls that i can fill up with holes without worrying about how many i have to
patch up when i leave, and on that blank canvas, i will take all of the miscellaneous
plates i will have gathered by then, and make an artful arrangement.

here is some more interior inspo, care of pinterest, in case you find
yourself with a teeny bit more wallspace than i have:

ps. some of my favorite plates can be found at the etsy shop, beat up creations, 
which uses "orphaned & unloved antique plates and transforms them into 
modern plate portraits." love!!

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