Monday, December 3, 2012

♥ come and trim my christmas tree with some decorations bought at tiffany's.

according to the knot, 39% of engagements happen between thanksgiving and 
valentine's day, so in celebration of engagement season, my bff, timothy 
and i attended a holiday party at tiffany's in copley, where we had the
chance to mix and mingle with local blog pals, and look at some
sparkly baubles while sipping a bit of bubbly.

the classic engagement ring, as we know it today, was designed by charles lewis tiffany,
who designed the six-prong platinum setting to better accent the sparkling nuances
of a brilliantly cut diamond, and to bring the diamond away from the hand,
and closer to the light.

and while we could have spent all night drooling over dazzling diamonds,
timothy and i were also enchanted with some of the other pieces that
 the 175- year old jeweler of true love has to offer, such as:

the return to tiffany heart tag bracelet in the new rubedo metal:

tiffany knot keys, which remind me of the secret garden!

a tiffany's ornament (just like the song!)
and tiffany locks cat eye sunglasses, which i'm obsessed with.

images via tiffany & co.
will you be asking for anything that comes in a little blue box this year?

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Homegirl is asking for a bezel set diamond from Tiffany's...but we'll see if that ever shows up on my front door. Love your picks :)

  2. I am obsessed with those sunglasses too. Tiffany really has some great accessories too.


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