Tuesday, November 27, 2012

♥ a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

last week, my cousin, jaimee turned 30 and eloped.

you may remember that she was the gal who asked her beaux to marry her 
 in celebration of this past leap year, and now i am excited to announce
 that she and will are happily husband and wife! :) :)

i am obsessed with the variety of textures and knits worn by the beautiful bride
and the gorgeous up-do that she threw together at a pit stop along the way.

and while i wish i could have been there to celebrate with everyone in person,
i am thankful for digital cameras, phone devices and facebook, which provided
 a very close simulation of the actual event :)

here is what the new bride had to say about her big day:

the day started when will got up to walk bruin and returned with breakfast in bed for me
and a home made birthday card. then he told me to take a closer look at bruin's collar and when i did,
 i noticed there was a ring tied to it with some string. the ring was his grandmother's ruby ring she had given 
him for me when we first got engaged in feb. ahhh...so sweet. then he told me to relax, enjoy my coffee and
 food and finish my book we didn't have to get ready to leave till noon. (I finished in cold blood that morning)
we drove to linville falls and drove up the side of the mountain to wiseman's view.
it was will and i, his dad who did the ceremony, his mom made my bouquet, my bf josie who was
 my witness and gets to sign the certificate (she is so excited!) his friends, cody and andrew 
and his brother, sister and her boy chris.
linville falls is right outside of asheville, so afterwards we drove in town and got
dinner at tupelo honey cafe. so delish!
then we went to see a funk jam band before we split up with everyone and headed to our hotel
we stayed at the grove park inn, where the obamas stayed when they came here.
we had a huge breakfast buffet and sat with a perfect view of the mountains!
and the plan is to go and stay there every year for our anniversary, 
so will can golf and i can relax at the spa!

congratulations on your first week of marriage, jaimee and will!!
i wish you every happiness ♥

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Aw this is so lovely. amazing to get married outdoors with such an incredible view! x

  2. Such a sweet story! I'm not above all the conventions of a wedding, but I truly respect brides who are.

  3. I just started tearing up at my desk this is so freaking adorable and REAL! I love things like this where two people clearly remember what weddings are all about - love (instead of crazy huge bashes they get super stressed over with people they don't even care about attending.)

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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