Thursday, November 1, 2012

♥ boobs & booze.

earlier this month i attended an eye opening wacoal event.
i and a number of local bloggers had the opportunity to get fitted
in luxury at the ritz carlton. i jokingly re-named the event
"boobs & booze," and despite the fanciness of the occasion,
the name fit, sort of like a good bra.

experts say that 80% of women wear the wrong cup size,
so i was very interested in learning whether or not the 34D
 i typically wear, was the right fit for me.
 of course, it wasn't.

turns out, according to the lady who fit me,
i wear a 32 triple D. yes, triple D.

here are some other tidbits i learned...

* first off, don't get hung up on terms like "triple D." wacoal carries up to a size H!

* the number refers to the width of your ribcage and the letter is the size of your breast.

* when trying on a bra, make sure that the center part tacks flat against your chest,
that is how you will know if it fits correctly. 

* never try a bra on the last hook, because if it stretches out, there's nowhere to go.

* there are two types of bras: cut & sewn, which have a seam and look more retro,
(like the one i was gifted above!) and contour, which is the kind you typically see,
and which gives the chest a more rounded appearance.

* europeans tend to wear the cut & sewn style, while americans choose
contour because they wear more t-shirts.

* while you may fit more than one size, the best fit is the one your body feels
the most comfortable in. don't be afraid to find your right fit ;)

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  1. So jealous!!! I have an G.. at least according to Intimacy in Copley Place, which I highly highly recommend. The right fitting bra can take pounds off your look and discomfort a thing of the past! Though the right fitting bra does tend to be pretty tight around the rib cage..


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