Saturday, July 21, 2012

♥ the blo by blo.

on friday night, i attended the pink-carpet opening of blo,
the first blow dry bar in boston's south end. 

the salon was buzzing with activity as clients of all ages had their hair
shampooed (twice!), conditioned, blown-dry, and coiffed to perfection
 as they sipped pink champagne and nibbled delicious cupcakes.

i was given the hair menu and asked to choose which "blo on the go"service i was
interested in. since my hair is super short at the moment, i just asked my
blow stylist to make my hair look pretty ;) 

while sitting in the hot seat, i spotted some of my favorite blog friends
in various stages of their blo-jobs. 

lei ann was just leaving when i first came in.
 her multi-colored locks looked amazing in this knotted ponytail.
i totally cringed with hair envy.

kristen wanted big southern hair to go with her fabulous printed dress.
i didn't get to see the finished result, but the process was fun ;)

and najeema got a gorgeous head of loose/casual curls.

and while my hair didn't come out looking drastically different than it normally does,
my bob felt bouncier and shinier than it has in ages ;)

it was a wonderful to have a luxurious blo-dry experience
 with my best gals, right in the ♥ of boston.

10 ♥ love notes.:

  1. oooh looks fun. I love Lei Ann's hair! I definitely need to visit a salon soon!

    1. do they have something similar in your neck of the woods?

  2. I was supposed to go at 3 PM but I had this family thing come up unexpectedly! :SIGH: I'll have to make time to check it out soon!

    You look gorgeous and how cute is that picture of Kristen?


    1. i am sorry you missed this- it was fab!! and you have way more hair to work with!

  3. Super fun! Your hair looks great. I'm going to Dry Bar in NYC before my engagement photos bc my friend got me a gift card for my birthday--I can't wait to try it out!

  4. it was great running into you...albeit briefly :( i never get pics of the back of my head, so i forget how cray it looks back there with my hair getting so uber long @.@ hahaha! hopefully see you somewhere else soon :)

  5. So pretty, your hair always looks lovely, tho (see what I did there? ) :)


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