Monday, July 9, 2012

♥ growing herbs takes thyme.

(ps. these living herbs are from my farmer friend maggie's greenhouse)
this year, i was determined to start my own herb garden.
i wanted to add a bit of green to our kitchen and also to spice 
up my vegetarian dishes with a little home-grown flavor.

i bought a basil, curly parsley and lavender plant and placed
them on a small tray on my kitchen table where i thought there would
be plenty of sunlight and plenty of opportunity for me to whisper lovely
things into their leaves, like: "grow, please, grow." 

but unfortunately, my dreams for an herb garden withered and died
as quickly as my plants did. they dried up. they looked parched.
i watered them. i moved them to a new location, in our bedroom,
with all of our other happy thriving plants- but it didn't matter.

they are now outside on my back porch as one last ditch effort
to resurrect a failed dream and grow something. anything!

have you had any luck growing an herb garden?
i would love to hear your advice!

here are some great ideas for around the web:

conserve space and turn herb gardening on its head with these sky planters.
i wonder if growing them upside down helps?

the owner of this mini indoor herb garden recommends lots of light & fresh air. 
perhaps my little ones didn't get enough of either?

growing all the herbs together in one big container looks like something i have to try.
my in-laws do this, but as you see, they have quite the green thumbs.

vertical gardening is another unique way to grow herbs. i had nick drill holes into
some tomato cans, but didn't want to shock my herbs by transferring them.
 maybe i should have???

the writer behind this impossible to kill herb garden says that my basil plant & parsley
may be brought back to life with some more sunlight and some more water. 
here's hoping!

lastly, how disgustingly cute is this mason jar herb garden?
i think i need to try this one, like, yesterday.

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  1. On Saturday I planted the daisies in my "urban garden" kit - I'm pretty excited to see them peeking out of their pink pail.
    Next is most definitely an herb garden (next year!)

    1. go for it! i need to have someone else grow them for me since apparently i don't have an herbal green thumb!

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  3. I want an herb garden SO badly. I haven't been able to make the investment in a little indoor garden...I'm just so afraid to put in all that time and effort and have them die. =) Someday I'll have a yard full of 'em!

  4. I finally planted mine this year, but I have a huge box for it and the herbs seem to like it. Before I also used large-ish pots scattered around the garden. So far I've been lucky as the babies have been growing fast. I actually think trying to grow everything in one pot wouldn't work because they will need more room, but you can try old wine boxes - they look beautiful and can house 4-5 plants depending on their size. Plus, of course, plenty of light and fresh air. x

  5. P.S. I'd also suggest getting more mature plants - they have higher chance of survival. You can even pick up a few living herbs in a supermarkets and plant those - never fails.

    1. it did fail. that's what i did! yikes! i will have to plant them next time!


  6. Love all these ideas for growing herbs in tiny spaces!

  7. First of all, clever wordplay on the title of this entry, haha! Secondly, don’t lose heart with your garden! One factor that may be affecting the growth of your herbs is the soil you plant them in. Most types of herbs work well in most soil types, but to be sure, try improving the structure and texture of your soil little by little, until you see better results. You may also want to consider adding a little fertilizer, since you grow your herbs indoors. Hope these tips help!


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