Wednesday, July 4, 2012

♥ every moment of light and dark is a miracle.

since it's the 4th of july, i thought it apt to post the pages out of 
photographer pierre le hors' fireworks studies . it's funny because when
i think of fireworks, i typically think of lots of bright colors- but these black
and white images are minimal and magical and make you appreciate the way that 
fireworks light up the whole night sky-- if only for a brief moment. 
i hope to see some tonight! ;)

"fireworks studies is a book compiling photographs of fireworks in the night sky.
by constraining nearly all tonal values to stark black and pure whites, the trails,
explosions and clouds of debris are reduced to a series of simple repeated formal
elements: arced lines, spherical bursts, and randomly dispersed particles. i made
no effort to limit digital artifacts resulting from pushing the image files past
their conventional range; the resulting noise becomes hard to distinguish
from the texture of the fireworks themselves" pierre le hors.

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