Wednesday, June 6, 2012

♥ i'm all AGOG.

today, i thought about what day on the calendar it actually was.
sometimes the entire month slips past without my even noticing it.
and then i realized that today (of all days) is this dear little blog's
 three year anniversary.

i started a glimpse of glamour three years ago out of a desire to enter into a dialogue
 with people (other than my besties, family & nick) who were interested in the same 
things as i was- namely: style, books, kitties, art, interior design and baking.
i also wanted to build up street cred in case i ever pursued my dream
of becoming a personal stylist ;)

 since then- this blog has taken me to places i never knew existed, has given me a place
to put all of the exciting and glamorous things i come across daily, has pushed me to write 
every day (writer's block be damned!), has inspired me to think in a different way and
 see things in a different light, to try new trends, new recipes, new DIY projects
 and has given me the confidence to reach out and befriend a whole network
 of lovely bloggers who i never would have met otherwise.

i am so happy to have invested the time and energy into this blog,
and so grateful to anyone who stops by and reads it.
thank you ♥

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