Thursday, June 28, 2012

♥ a glimpse of glamour on gloss 48.

it's no secret that i love makeup, so i jumped at the chance to write a guest post
for the up & coming shopping/makeup gossip site, gloss 48

given my obsession with cultivating the perfect eyebrow,
 i was given the opportunity to review a few key pieces from LA-based
makeup artist/ designer brett freedman's fabulous collection,

my favorite product was the ultra-tweez brush, which would eliminate
every last hair from your face if you let it. highly recommend. 

today at 11am, the art of the brow sale begins on gloss 48, (running until july 5th)
and lucky for you, i have an exclusive discount code!! simply enter GGVANITY10 
at checkout to save $10 off your entire purchase.

happy brows-ing!

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