Wednesday, June 20, 2012

♥ fuck you, notebook!

(image via pinterest.)
last week, i had the luck of attending roller disco, the super cheesy/super fun
 new musical at the oberon theater in harvard square with the lovely kristen,
michele & haleyand when we weren't trying to put our collective heads together 
to form some sort of opinion about what we witnessed that evening, we were 
also discussing creative writing- and our notebooks in particular. 

i confessed that i love the idea of carrying a small notebook with me
to jot down post ideas, pretty quotes, overheard conversations or maybe
some sketches, wherever i go- but the actuality of having this notebook with
me as a reminder of my inability to actually do these artsy things- is also a
hinderance and an annoyance rather than a pleasure.

at many points in my life, i have torn disappointing pages out of my
notebooks, or even pitched the entire thing into the trash for fear of
being discovered as some artistic fraud- when all i really needed to do
was take my own advice and: write more. write every day.

here are some notebooks in which i wouldn't mind
trying to do just that:

a notebook a month collection.
botanical journal.

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  1. The idea notebook is by far my favorite! I use a small, black, unlined moleskin that is always in my bad in case I need it. I go through about 1 a year and absolutely love them!

  2. i'm with you - telling myself to write more, afraid to put pen to paper. i have a journal i love to write in, but always beat myself up over how infrequently i do so.

  3. it's much better to have too many ideas and not enough time, than too much time and not enough ideas! x

    1. true, but sometimes i have a new notebook and no ideas!

  4. MOLESKIN....which I also just realized is MOLESKINE...oh well. But that was back in the day...when all my notebooks/agendas were of that kind.
    I'm afraid I don't write much anymore.

    1. well, maybe make it a goal to write more in your moleskin, moleskine,whatever you call it!

  5. lovely selection! im a sucker for all of the patterned ones, of course

    i regularly keep a moleskin planner(also used for random thoughts and sketches), as well as about 4 or 5 different sketchbooks(of varying sizes and shapes for different situations and inspirations). I totally understand your fear of pen to paper... I conquer mine by drawing on random pages, rather than in order... somehow it takes the pressure off... I always want to put something spectacular on the first page, and if I start there, it invariably comes out horribly

    1. that sounds like a good approach, i used to wait to write my name and date on a test paper in school because i always felt when i wrote my name at the top that i automatically would write something terrible and end up shredding it.

  6. I love this post -and it's nice to know I am not the only one with a creative block every now and then. We've ALL been there!


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