Friday, May 11, 2012

♥ thank goodwill it's friday.

here's a confession for you.

if you ask me where i got a certain something that i am wearing,
my response would most likely be, "a local vintage shop," 
(example!) but what i really mean is....

"i got it at the goodwill."
image via amy.

i am not sure why i lie. 

maybe it's because i want to hog all the secret treasures i find to myself, 
(which include amazing vintage dresses and books galore), but after taking a 
behind the scenes tour of the goodwill headquarters in boston 
last thursday, i feel it necessary to spread the good will.
and share  a 20% coupon!!!

so, as i said, last week myself and a number of boston bloggers were invited by 
amy & melissa to take a peek behind the wizard's curtain and see everything
 that goes on at goodwill boston. 

the first thing we did after scurrying around the store like squirrels gathering nuts for winter,
(aka tearing through the racks) was gather in a conference room where we were introduced 
to the lovely team of directors: james, jd, christine & patti and given a full 
breakdown of the inner workings of the goodwill. 

although i was aware of the fact that the goodwill provides well-priced clothing for
those re-entering the workforce,  i have never taken the time to learn about 
the career mentorships, charities, youth programs & job opportunities
  that the goodwill organization also provides.

i also didn't realize the tremendous amount of sorting, tagging and
 processing that goes into getting the merchandise ready to be put out on the
floor at the various goodwill locations.

 the back room definitely reminded me of this scene from willy wonka (1971).
one of the oddest things found among the piles?  $9,000 cash money.

the product is delivered to local stores on these hammock-style rolling racks.
i wanted to climb in and take a nap. 

 my favorite part of the tour was the gigantic pile of unwanted fabrics,
which have had their chance on the sales floor and have now been compressed
wall-e style, into square bins and piled as high as the ceiling.

and of course it provided the perfect backdrop for a group photo.

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. So interesting! I always wondered how stores get items. I just thought whatever was donated at that store was put out on the floor.

  2. great post, dearie! funny how we had more fun (& more food) that night than at tiffany's, huh? hahaha!

    1. what a great point!!! goodwill > tiffany's.


  3. man, i wish i would've grabbed that coup before my goodwill shopping spree today!!

    1. there is always something good there- take it for the next time!!

  4. oh my god that's a mountain of clothes!!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Oh man I wish I hadn't of had to work that day because this looks like it was so fun! Those hammock style rolling rocks are kind of genius!


  6. Awesome and colorful photos Sami. I wish I was good at digging and finding good deals and cute vintage finds. I think I need someone to do it for me!


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