Monday, May 28, 2012

♥ let all thy joys be as the month of may, and all thy days be as a marriage day.

 this weekend, nicolas and i took a break from city life
and made the trip to the new york countryside to see
two of our favorite friends marry each other.

the ceremony and reception took place at the historical hotel,
the otesaga,which was as grand on the inside as it was on the outside.

dan and sarah recited their own personally-written vows, which endeared us
to all of the quirks of their darling relationship, and reminded everyone
of the everlasting companionship that marriage promises.

 since the last wedding nick and i attended was our own,
we really enjoyed being able to dress up and relax (as guests!)
with a beautiful view and even more beautiful company.

i hope your weekend was every bit as lovely. xo

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This is gorgeous! What town was the wedding in?

  2. Love the pictures! Dreamy!

  3. The bride and groom are such a cute couple! And Sami, you look GORGEOUS!

  4. i am so excited i discovered your blog! what an amazing place, i seriously didn't know places like that in new york beautiful! also, you are gorgeous, i love the dress you wore :) and i am in love with the bride's wedding gown, it's beautiful!

    xx brie


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