Monday, May 14, 2012

♥ shear genius.

this weekend, i watched vidal sassoon: the movie (2010),
an inspiring documentary about the man who 
"changed the world with a pair of scissors."

with his fresh, architectural approach to hairdressing,
vidal sassoon revolutionized the way that women wore their hair in the 
late 50's/ early 60's. freeing them from nightly setting of curlers, 
back-combed, unnatural-shaped beehives, and weekly visits to the salon,
mr. sassoon cut hair in a way that suited each individual's bone
structure, geometrically framing the face, while also working with
-rather than against-the direction in which the hair grew.

some of his famous clients included mary quant, the designer of the
first mini skirt,  former model and creative director of vogue, grace coddington,
model peggy moffitt, actress nancy kwan- and he was also the man with
the scissors responsible for mia farrow's iconic pixie cut for the film,

images via google.

while this endlessly talented hairdresser may have changed the way women wear 
their hair forever, vidal sassoon's legacy will also be the knowledge he passed on
 through his schools, the philanthropical work he was involved in throughout his
 lifetime, and the inspired life that he lived from very humble beginnings
 to such a successful end. i love this man!

"if you get to the root of who you are, the gut of who you arem
and make something happen from it, in whatever field, my
sense is, you're gonna surprise yourself."

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  1. Oh I've been meaning to watch this but I'm sort of lazy about searching out documentaries I'm interested in. Is that weird? I wonder if its on Netflix for streaming?

    It sounds like such an inspiring film!


  2. Those hairstyles were so revolutionary to the 1960s!


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