Wednesday, December 7, 2011

♥ cover it up.

 last night i watched the romantic mystery, charade (1963) 
and i fell in love with all of the fabulous coat + accessory combinations
worn by audrey hepburn throughout the film.

images via google.
in winter time, (especially here in boston where winter drags on forever),
 i often place more importance on the outfit underneath the coat, and
 just throw something/anything warm over my body to bear
the elements. but this year, i am inspired to put together
something more presentable, because, as erin
of the blog, elements of style rightly says:

"in the cold northeast, sometimes all people see is
your coat and not the cute outfit underneath!"

here are some ideas from jcrew
 to get you started:



11 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Oh, the glamour of times past. I love ms. Audrey. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How does one woman wear so many amazing coats in the span of one movie? Amazing. I love all the contemporary winter accessories you chose as well!

  3. Charade was a great movie and Audrey Hepburn is up there as far as style icons go. Winter dressing for me is about light layers and warm accessories cause I don't want to look bulky.

  4. I am really starting to love ear muffs - might have to get myself a pair!

  5. Noted down this movie! Outfits seem really glamourous!

  6. fun post! somehow i've never gotten to this. moving it to the top of my queue!

  7. So...I'll be seeing you in a leopard turban hat sometime soon? AWESOME.

  8. I've found fabulous bright, fun coats on the cheap at Forever 21! xo

  9. Charade! Quite possibly my favorite Audrey movie...I mean the credits alone...come on! So glad you enjoyed it. That leopard hat is too good!

    And, I totally agree with your sentiments on coats. That is precisely the reasoning I give for having such an absurd number of vintage coats that I barely have space for them. I wear them almost 6 months of the year, so why not?

  10. Wow. I'm watching that movie now and Googled "hepburn charade leopard hat" and this post came up! Thanks. That hat IS STUNNING! I had to pause the movie and Google it!

  11. Goodness are her eyelashes ever to die for.


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