Friday, December 23, 2011

♥ daily polish.


images via pinterest.

recently, the new york times published an article which alleges 
that nail polish sales are the currently the leading economic indicator
in the US, over lipstick.  coined by leonard lauder during the early 2000's recession, 
the lipstick index suggests that when the cost of clothing/ shoes is too much
people will buy smaller luxury products, such as lipstick.

as someone who is familiar with the joys of daily nailpolishing,
i have to say i am not surprised that this recession's little luxe
is nail varnish rather than lip color.

here are some fun & frivolous nail ideas
to help you momentarily forget how broke you are.

via pinterest.

have you been buying alot of nailpolish lately?
or are you sticking with lipstick?

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I personally don't think lipstick looks that great on me, so my little splurge is always nail polish. It's so fun to experiment with colors, and there's so many great DIYs out there these days so it's easy to try something new every time.

  2. love those nailpolish ideas!
    I tagged you over here Samantha: if you'd like to do it ;)

  3. love that nail polish color palette .. admit I am a bit obsessed, too!

    Happy Holidays lovely! xoxo


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