Thursday, November 24, 2011

♥ a thankful heart is a happy heart.

via DVF.
there are so many things to acknowledge and appreciate this year. 
here is a small list.

grandparents, who are still healthy, and who continuously try to
have a conversation with me, even if they don't speak english.

sisters and brothers who love me regardless of how obnoxious i am.

my beautiful friends and family, who stood by my side on
the best day ever.

my husband- who makes each day feel this magical.

my daddy, for walking me down the aisle,
and doing a superb job marrying nick & i.

my mama, who baked three hundred cookies for
our wedding and still does all of our laundry.

my new brother in law & my new niece on the way!

fashion icons like dvf, who prove that strong, empowered
 women can rule the world gracefully and glamorously.

blog pals, who share a common love of fashion and english and the
importance of being well dressed at all times.

my friend timothy, who reminds me always that 
every moment is the perfect time to strike a pose.

talula lu, who continues to tolerate my squeezing
and picking up and kissing of her each and every day.

the island of barbados,  for being so breathtaking
and so friendly that we never wanted to leave.

books & ice cream, two things that make life 
endlessly enjoyable.

happy thanksgiving!

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Well, you've had one hell of a year! You have a beautiful family and gorgeous friends (ahem) and such a cute kitty!

  2. your wedding dress was just so beautiful, this is a wonderful list!



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