Friday, November 11, 2011

♥ home is wherever i'm with you

this print from vol.25 expresses my sentiments exactly. 

i have always said that i wish i could be closer to nick, and have creepily joked
that if i could, i would glue his face to mine so that we could always be together. 
and i would never have to ask, "where are you?" because he would be right there.
but i am realizing now, that if you are face to face with someone like that
all of the time- if you don't step back and take a look at that face you love,
it becomes a blur and you take for granted that it is even there.

i am thankful that i had this time away from nick,
it reminded me that i don't need to hold on so tight,
to let go, and appreciate what i have.

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