Thursday, September 1, 2011

♥ so many books, so little time.

my bestfriend's mom has always said that if a book doesn't strike your fancy, 
best not to force yourself to keep reading it. just put it down & start another.
there is so little time in life to do the things we really want to do-
why waste it stuck in the middle of a bad book?

and while i wholeheartedly agree with this logic, there is something to be said 
about sticking it out until the very last page, and for allowing a book you
may never pick up again, come into your life and spend a bit of time,
lingering in your subconscious until a more appropriate 
period in your life when its words 
might ring true.

what is your rule of thumb for when you get to a
 lull in your book-reading?
give up or keep up? 

11 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Kitty again!

    I usually give up. I feel like I read so many books as a student that I was forced to read, its nice to read books for pleasure so I don't want to waste time on a book I don't like.

  2. Love the photo! Well I was in a lull for a very long time so I am hoping the kindle will get me back into reading!

  3. I have given up on many a books but only if I try for several days to get into it and cannot.
    I love a good cannot put it down type book:)

  4. If it's a HARD book, I try to keep going. If it's a poorly written book or I really hate it, I give up. Some of the books I've had to struggle to finish or to get into (Heart of Darkness, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Wuthering Heights) ended up being GREAT stories.

  5. Usually, I'll put it down and start reading another. Depends on the mood. Sometimes, I never give up. ;)

  6. ooh, I always read to the biter end. Except the Da Vinci Code. The one book that I just couldn't bear to read. And, like Casey says, some books take a while to warm up, but then they get really good!

  7. I love your logic. I'm the same way, I always feel like I have to finish a book no matter what.

  8. Hmm depends on how bad the book is, there have definitely been books that I just HAD to put down. Others may not be my type but if I feel like I'm gaining something from reading it, I stick with it. But I agree, too many books and too little time!

    xx Cristina

  9. Hi Tallulah!

    If it's a fluffy, light read and I'm not feeling it, Ill put it down. If it's a book that is universally recognized as being fantastic/moving/thought-provoking, then I'll stick it out, even if it's just to say "yeah, I read that book and HATED it!"

  10. even though i sometimes really don't want to, i always stick it out. i just can't NOT finish reading a book, no matter how hard or how long it's taking me.


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