Thursday, September 15, 2011

♥ my best friend is the man who will give me the book i have not read.

do you ever notice how when someone highlights a passage in a book,
or a beautiful part of a song, that you may have overlooked-
it becomes even more significant to you?
 that's how i feel whenever nick shows me something.
here's a great example:

"there are racial differences among people, yes?
 there are cultural difference, sexual differences.. in my opinion, those differences can be good. 
what a dull world this would be were we all alike. what an evolutionary dead end! 
to be brothers, to live in peace, we do not have to be overly similar. 
we do not have to admire or even like one another's peculiarities. 
we need only respect those peculiarities- and to be grateful for them. 
our similarities provide us with a common ground, but our differences allow us to be
 fascinated by one another. differences give human encounters 
their snap and their fizz and their brew."
 tom robbins, skinny legs and all.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I REMEMBER that passage! I read that book in its entirety out loud to myself and my cat and loved every last bit of it. I laughed a lot through that book but I found myself really thinking at the same time. I loved it!


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