Wednesday, September 7, 2011

♥ heaven is a place on earth.


today, nicolas and i ventured out a little further from our hotel,
and explored the natural beauty of barbados.

we visited hunte's gardens, which was like an unexpected jewel in the midst
of field after field of sugar cane. with classical music spilling over the
sound of birds singing, and sunlight splashing over every dazzling plant,
it seemed the whole flowering forest would swallow us whole
 and we would gladly let it.

and when the garden owner/ expert horticulturalist, anthony hunte, 
invited us up to his home for a drink and a chat, i quickly fell in love 
with his impressive miss havisham-esque grounds, which reveal the 
life of a person who is well-traveled and well-versed in the
art of plant arrangement.

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love how the line between outdoors and indoors is blurred in more tropical climates. In Boston, the line is VERY definitive!

  2. the colors are amazing! what an awesome experience for you guys :)

  3. this totally looks like an anthropologie catalog...

  4. holy cow! this looks like paradise. and someone already said it, but anthropologie, eat your heart out! this is the real deal

  5. Wow! That home is so magical and amazing! Breathtaking really! xo Samantha ps. Love your dress ;)


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