Tuesday, June 14, 2011

♥ youth is wasted on the young.

i know it is sort of ridiculous for a twenty-seven year old woman
to be jealous of a bunch of well-dressed babies, but, i'll admit it-
when i saw this adorable new children's collection tacked on as a little
something extra at the end of lanvin's 2012 resort collection,
i was a little like, "aw, i wish that were me!!.."

ps. the regular-sized women's collection is lovely too:

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. that's funny, the first thought i had when looking through those pictures was that i wished i dressed that well!

    actually, i lied: the VERY first thought i had when i saw that first picture in the red as a thumbnail was that it was creepy! i thought it was a full-grown woman and then i saw the the head and it was HUGE in comparison to the legs. the perspective looked REALLY odd until i saw it bigger and realized it was a child :P

  2. adore these little girls. definitely jealous of their style!

  3. Lanvin is the epitome of lush. I need it all. Maybe I can squeeze into the little girls clothes too...

  4. Lanvin= Love....those kids are sooooo adorable.


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