Friday, June 3, 2011

♥ i dream my painting, and i paint my dream. ~vincent vangogh

it is my belief that if you are a gifted artist, no matter which medium
you are working in, you will excel at it-better than most. this theory
is easily proven by looking at the beautiful paintings and
equally gorgeous photography of french-born,
london-based artist, audrey walas.

a graduate of the university of toulouse, france
with a masters in contemporary art, audrey says she grew
up always asking her parents for crayons and pencils, and she has
been drawing and painting ever since. she also takes photographs
of every day life for her blog.

through her painting, audrey explores different techniques, such as
(blurring and chiaroscuro,) to question the whole meaning of the
female figure and how a single, subtle gesture can express the essence
of femininity. i love the palpable loneliness and the quiet
shadow-kissed figures in her artwork.

by contrast, audrey's photography is comprised of
snapshots from her day to day life, which she spends with
her husband, ben, between their flat in london and cottage
on her family's land in france, (which also contains dreamy
holiday spot, la maison vielle.) audrey is happy to be
living her big dream as a full time artist, and that
shows in everything she touches.

now comes the fun part:
audrey has generously offered to give away one of her
brilliant prints to one of my very lucky readers!!

just leave a comment below with your name and email address.
and a winner will be chosen at random next friday!
good luck!!!

19 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Wow, she is seriously talented!!! My name is Kaylia and my email is :)

  2. She's talented! Lovely pictures.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Ooo, great giveaway! I really like her work! although - not to be contrary here, lol - I don't know if I agree that artists are necessarily born more talented. I think artists have more patience...patience to continually work at materializing a vision for what might seem like an absurd amount of time, where other people would have given up long ago. :) But that's just my two cents!

  4. Ummmm yes please! Her work is gorgeous! :)

  5. so beautiful! what a great opportunity. fingers crossed!

  6. amazing. i so wish i had just a little bit of artistic ability in me!

  7. wow, her paintings are amazing! i used to paint and i was pretty good as long as it wasn't supposed to look realistic (i'm most proud of my paintings of auroras - lots of color!) i'd love to win, of course! thanks for the opportunity :)

  8. these are completely stunning! and the photographs are beautiful too

  9. Gorgeous-- sign me up for her life, please!

  10. your photos are stellar!
    keep up the fancy posts lovely x

  11. so beautiful!!! A print of her work would be amazing :) great giveaway!


  12. The work is stunning and the product of a great talent- regardless of medium. Fabulous giveaway, count me in!


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  14. what a great giveaway. her work is gorgeous!

    fingers crossed.


  15. WOW...her stuff is amazing! I am hoping I can win so I can hang it on one of my livingroom walls where I have plans of putting beautiful and inspiring prints!!!!!


  16. So wonderful!


  17. beautiful! I'm currently decorating my apartment and would love a print:}

    - meg


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