Tuesday, June 7, 2011

♥ you had me at hello.

with a little less than three months until the big day,
i think it's about time i write a post about my wedding photographer-
the lovely casey harrison of hello love photography.

i have decided that writing a blog has officially turned made me into
quite the creative snob. with so many options right at my fingertips all of
the time (pinterest, anyone?) it is hard for me to get excited about anything
new anymore because i feel like i have seen it all!

looking for a wedding photographer was going to be tough. i needed someone
with my vision- who hates taking picture with the flash on as much as i do,
and who vows to make the bride and groom look like beautiful elements
within an even more beautiful backdrop (a la max wanger) rather
than expensive prom photos with wedding rings.

i serendipitously came across hello love photography,
and let me tell you- it was love at first sight.

casey started her business two years ago while living in chicago.
she has always loved taking pictures and some of her best memories
were developing pictures in the dark room with her (now)husband,
while they were at college. she moved to boston last year (right around
the time that i found her!) and she has been super busy ever since.

casey loves every aspect of her career as a wedding photographer:
getting to know new people and share one of the happiest days of their
lives with them, being able to exercise her creativity and skills,
and getting to present her clients with the finished product
after their event is over.

i can't wait to see pictures of nick and i through casey's lens.
it's going to be magical.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i think you chose well, my dear :)

    i think the hardest part for me will be choosing a wedding photographer (and finding an affordable one at that).

    by the way, thanks for introducing max wanger! i've never heard of him before and his work is to die for! i'm off to browse more of his website...

  2. OMG that library pic is amazing. I am so glad you got a wonderful photographer. We were photographed by my dad's buddy, and all our pics look like someone took them with a point and shoot while thye were drinking a beer (which may or may not have actually been the case). You are going to have some beautiful shots. Hooray!

  3. great pictures....you will have stunning wedding day pics! and it helps that your are gorgeous! so an easy subject for your photog!

    lovely blog! following!!


    Adventures of Newlyweds

  4. These pictures are SO sweet and romantic! I love them. Congrats on getting married :) I'm excited for you. It's going to be an amazing day!

  5. I think you made an excellent choice of photographer!


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