Monday, September 18, 2017


after months and months of being shut up in the house with babies hanging off of my
every limb, i was set free, into the concrete jungle, to roam around with a bunch of well-dressed, 
white-clad strangers at this year's DINER EN BLANC!

much like diner en blanc 2016, (which i covered, here!)  upwards of 2,000 dinner-guests
descended upon a secret location- set up their dining space, collected their wine, 
and sat down to enjoy a lovely feast (that they brought themselves).

this year's location, disclosed only an hour before, 
was a veritable wonderland right in the middle of the city : boston's 
rose fitzgerald kennedy greenway (at milk street/atlantic ave.)
guests were led by DEBbos volunteers from various meeting points throughout
the city, and the set up went off without a hitch!

the most mesmerizing part of the location, was definitely rings fountain, which provided a glamorous backdrop to the city location. the soothing music from john everett martin featuring
bob christopherson and gregory holt, also lent itself to the romantic atmosphere.

created almost 30 years ago, in paris, le diner en blanc has brought together
 communities in 80+ cities- to promote elegance, gallantry and togetherness-
something the world needs alot more of these days. xo

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